Choosing a wardrobe to decorate the room

The only way to get a good night's sleep is to decode and you need smart storage. Unless you have a wall of fitted wardrobes that are both expensive and durable, you need to invest in a good size and strong free standing closet to accommodate your growing wardrobe.

Whether you're sharing a closet space with your other half, or you're looking for a piece of furniture with an integrated drawer for accessories, the key to being organized is to know what your storage needs are. Think carefully.

Some modern wardrobes allow you to change the interior, add extra shelving for split level hanging rails or these neatly folded sweaters, while other interior fixtures give preference to hanging space. Leave that which will make music in your ears if you have an enviable collection of long sweaters.

While some furniture brands offer cabinets that are fully finished, most require some self-assembly, given the size of this heavy piece of furniture. If this is not your search for a brand that will keep your wardrobe with delivery and good luck, take packaging with you.

Our roundup consists of a variety of different wardrobes that have been selected for their aesthetic appeal as well as for all their important functionality, depending on the different places, tastes and of course budget.

Dimensions and ideal wardrobe measurements

Manufactured cabinets usually have a depth of 200-300 mm .However, sleek wardrobes are designed with that in mind .Items such as suits that require more space .They suggest one Depth of 560 mm .With sliding doors, at least in the element50 mm (2 inches) extra for sliding channels and doors Easily Door so that there is not too much load on the hinges.

Each sliding door must be at least 3 feet wide.(915 mm) otherwise access to wardrobe material Gets harder. This means you should have a full closet .At least 6 feet. Keep in mind the maximum width is 4 feet Per door, otherwise it will be too heavy for each door Channels .The gallows should be kept at a minimum distance.2.5 inches from the top so that there is enough space easily .Place and remove the hangers.

The length of drawers used for underwear, socks and accessories should be between 6-8 inches .The height of the closet should either match the height of the door or go up to the ceiling for additional storage. Floor to ceiling

In closets, it is a good idea to divide the internal storage and shutters, with the part above the height of the bedroom door separately.

For walk-in closets with parallel closets and hinged shutters on opposite walls, make sure there is enough clearance.

The shutters of both cabinets are fully open as well as clearance for movement.

Style and functionality of wardrobe

Naturally, the next question to ask is: How can I design my wardrobe in a way that completes the entire wake of the bedroom without encroaching on too much space.

You've come to the right place .Read on to find some design hexes and ideas for your own wardrobe.

With the bedroom taking up the most space in the closet, it is important to design or buy something that is highly functional but also enhances the aesthetics of the room.

We went to the wardrobe and design experts at Sleek, a subsidiary of Asian Paints, which provides complete kitchen and wardrobe solutions, to help us with better details. Read on for their expert tips and advice.

Buying or designing a wardrobe

One of the most important factors in deciding a wardrobe design is the size and layout of the room. This will determine how big the closet can be and where you will keep it.

It will also decide if the room has a walk-in, niche or stand-alone closet with hinges or sliding shutters. You should also have a basic idea of the materials used in the bedroom and the finishes available in the market.

For an efficient design, consider what type of storage is needed. This will help you choose the best module.

 For example, you may need more hanging space for suits and coats. In some cases, shelves and drawers may be better suited to your needs.

ELEGANT Black Modern High Gloss Soft Close 2 Doors Wardrobe

£146.99 OFF 12%

This modern bedroom furniture set has great storage capacity and high cost performance. Three colors are available for many bedroom renovations and any style. You can easily get it done following the installation instructions. Its beautiful design will surely brighten up your bedroom and add value to your property.

Narvik Modern 2 Door Wardrobe - Matt White

£139.00 OFF 13%

A complete solution to the problems of your bedroom storage which is amazing with its charming style and strength

This stunning piece of Narco includes a full-width cloth rail and tin overhead bedroom, a scratch-resistant melamine coating, soft closed hinges and a push-without handle to open the built-in mechanism.

Make your home neat, tidy and jazz with our incredible Scandinavian style Narco collection.

Riano 2 Door Wardrobe With Hanging Rail & Storage Shelf, Pine

£119.99 OFF 31%

Home Discount offers this wonderful new product with a modern stylish design, Ryano 2 Door Wardrobe, Pine. Once you open the double-hulled door, you'll see a large rail of clothing ready to hold all your hanging clothes to make dressing easier in the morning. Proud of having ample storage space under the clothes rails, this area is ideal for storing your shoe collection, handbags, and other bedroom accessories that require a dedicated section in this two-door closet .For even more storage options, there's a simple inner shelf on top of the cloth rail.

Corona Grey Wax 3 Door Arch Top Robe


Mercer Furniture is pleased to present this Corona Gray Wax 3 Door Arch Top Rob, which has a fine gray wash body that allows natural wood grain and texture to be displayed through it, while retaining all the features. Offers a beautiful modern twist on classic design .For which Corona is known and loved .The cupboards are expertly crafted from solid pine and hand-waxed to preserve, preserve and enhance the grain. It offers a great value for money that would be a welcome addition to any bedroom, including metal decorations that give the item its distinctive Mexican style and the charm of a warm country country.

Arlington Wardrobe 3 Door 2 Drawer With Hanging

Rail & Storage Shelf, Grey

£229.99 Off 31%

Home Discount offers this stunning new product with a modern stylish design, Arlington 3 Door 2 Drawer Closet, Gray. Once you open the double-hinged doors, you'll see a garment rails ready to hold all your hanging clothes to facilitate morning dressing, while a door Behind you will find an inner shelf at the top and a coffee storage space. Below that! Proud of having ample storage space under the clothes rails, this area is ideal for storing your shoe collection, handbags, and other bedroom accessories that require a specific section in this three-door closet .Don't forget to take advantage of these wide sliding drawers at the bottom.

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