Dog Bite – Why Is It Increasing And What Parents Need To Know

A dog can be your angel or your devil

Dogs are the most humble creature on earth. There’s no doubt about it that they are human’s best friends, and rely on their owner, as their life depends on them.

When you adopted a dog, it’s just like getting yourself a partner who can lift your mood and be there for you until the last breath. 

But at times, a friend can also be turned into an enemy, and even a best friend can hurt you. And when we talk about dogs as your little B.F.F, this goes as physical pain. When they don’t like a certain thing they end up digging their carnivorous teeth in your skin.

You have to be careful because this attack can be fatal too. Especially if you have a child and a dog under the same roof, then the precaution becomes double.

Some Statistics About Dog Bites 

According To Statics

China is leading with 110 million dogs in the country. The United States is in second place and has around 89 million dogs.

You will be amazed to know that nearly 4.7 million people become victims of dog aggression biting every year in the United States. Among them mostly are men, females are less likely to being bitten.

According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), around 60,000 people died every year from rabies resulting from the dog bite. While America has proper vaccination for rabies, so the fatalities are low. In 2019 only 48 deaths happened in the U.S due to rabies.

In the United States, some notable trends advocate that children are most likely to get bitten by dogs rather than adults. The study happened in 2013 suggested that each child from United State has 50% of being bitten by the dog. 

As a dog owner, you should understand the following signs the dog shows before he aims to attack you or any other person.

  1. If your dog is continuously yawning or licking lips or by any chance, he is avoiding eye contact with you. It is the first sign that the dog is uncomfortable. By doing these actions, he represents that he is anxious and doesn’t feel good in the specific environment. This tension can lead to biting if the dog can’t find a way to free himself from the space and relax.
  2. Now be attentive and focus if your dog growls lowly or snapping or showing teeth than usual. It is a sign of unhappiness with something. And these actions should be considered as a potential warning of bite. If your dog shows these signs, try to take him to another place.
  3. Wagging tails can be a confusing sign for owners because dogs wag the tail when they are happy. But focus more on little detail. When the dog is about to bite, he will raise the tail high while slowly wagging the tail, and the body will stay still.
  4. If you feel your dog’s body rigid, then there is a chance that the bite is coming. A rigid body is considered as one of the signs because when the dog is uncomfortable and about to make an attack their body feels like it is frozen. They will look like a standing square with perked ear and raised tail.
  5. Another sign to tell the dog is on the verge of biting is his raised fur. This happens when the dog feels threatened. The hair of the neck and back stand up. And the raised hairs indicate that the dog is not happy.
  6. See the whites of your dog’s eyes. Sometimes the dog feels threatened, and the whites of eyes hide entirely. The dog will never leave his eyes from the threat. So that is how it will become easy for you to understand whom he is going to bite?


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